Vega Markets Explorer

A blockchain explorer for Vega Protocol, which focuses on information useful for trading.


Vega have built a fully decentralised protocol for trading of financial derivatives, utilising Tendermint for their consensus layer. As a result, the network exposes more information to the public about the trading on their markets than any other marketplace in existence today. This project will focus on developing a block explorer that exposes unique datasets in a format that is useful for trading. This might include things like the net exposure of other traders, or the prices at which they would be liquidated according to the rules of the network and their collateralisation levels.

Vega Markets Explorer showcase

How it's made

This project uses React.js for the web front-end, Python (inc Flask) for the back-end server, and InfluxDB as an efficient time-series data store. The project is wrapped in Docker compose to make it easy for developers to spin up an entire working stack. Behind the scenes the application subscribes to Vega's GraphQL API in order to download data about the positions of traders on their network. It saves this data to a database, and pre-processes it into a format that can be used to drive the graphics and tables seen in the web UI.

Technologies used