ETHOnline 2021

2021's largest Ethereum event

Sep 17 2021 - Oct 14 2021
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Gear Terminal
Gear TerminalETHOnline 2021
Send and receive terminal transmissions between GΞAR NFTs. Communicate with...
Fae WorkSpace
Fae WorkSpaceETHOnline 2021
Discover new tokens, NFTs, news, games, and even new blockchains on Fae Wor...
Metaverse Ads DAO
Metaverse Ads DAOETHOnline 2021
Metaverse Ads DAO (MAD) is a decentralized organization dedicated to creati...
Private Lossless Prediction Market
Private Lossless Prediction MarketETHOnline 2021
Predict outcomes, win interest on pooled funds - combining money legos
GaryETHOnline 2021
Automated market making strategy for stablecoins (BUSD) using Dow theory
SpliceETHOnline 2021
A generative art project that renders deterministic, validated header image...
Resa Aqrobby
Resa AqrobbyETHOnline 2021
Proof of Accomplishment Generator, for education & task related stuff
MoNA (Museum of Nifty Art)
MoNA (Museum of Nifty Art)ETHOnline 2021
NFT Social Media platform melding DeFi/Cryptoeconomics to quadratically rat...
Personalised NFTs
Personalised NFTsETHOnline 2021
This project aim to generate NFTs based on user's personality:)
AtlantisETHOnline 2021
An un-opinionated modular DAO framework geared towards cascading sub-DAOs a...
Tobias Canavesi
Tobias CanavesiETHOnline 2021
Create a dynamic nft where art and mathematics play an important role and t...
TevilETHOnline 2021
Tevill is a DEX with NFT rewards for successful transactions
InchiETHOnline 2021
A set of tools for Aave users based on 1inch limit order protocol
InnovatractETHOnline 2021
Allows users to bind contracts with themselves to get a task done on time w...
BibimbeatETHOnline 2021
Bibimbeat is a NFT marketplace where anyone can mint, buy, sell and play mu...
PaperfaxETHOnline 2021
Paperfax was created to solve the inefficiency problem of peer review syste...
Citizen DAO
Citizen DAOETHOnline 2021
Funding public benefits prospectively & retrospectively using Social Impact...
A dapp combining DEFI and ART by creating your own NFT via a video, photo o...
rBLKc (Random Black Card)
rBLKc (Random Black Card)ETHOnline 2021
rBLKc (Random Black Card) is an experiment in achieving fairness through ra...
Strangers United
Strangers UnitedETHOnline 2021
Probability of Liquidation demo dapp - Data pipeline to create historical p...
Deposit Together with Wido
Deposit Together with WidoETHOnline 2021
Deposit Together with others on Wido to save up to 80% on gas fees! Startin...
ALLYETHOnline 2021
An All-Inclusive Competitive League Match Based Investment Portal
voyceETHOnline 2021
this was meant to be a simple streaming contract for insurance on a sidecha...
DBeats - Decentralised Creators Community
DBeats - Decentralised Creators CommunityETHOnline 2021
DBeats - Decentralised Video, Music Streaming & NFTs Marketplace
ShareToshiETHOnline 2021
ShareToshi brings POCM to ETH. Donate, Support and Crowdfund your projects...
Eth-ConnectETHOnline 2021
A protocol for anyone with an Ethereum address/Wallet to publish contact in...
MysoETHOnline 2021
Zero-Liquidation Loans: building DeFi's first loan option that spares borro...
NFT Gallery 3D
NFT Gallery 3DETHOnline 2021
I built an interactive NFT gallery where users can walk around in a 3D worl...
CryptoPerksETHOnline 2021
Crypto rewards and achievements for your employees using interest-bearing c...
ArGoApp Protocol
ArGoApp ProtocolETHOnline 2021
ArGoApp Protocol is a deployment aggregator protocol for decentralized clou...
BraineumDAOETHOnline 2021
Governance for Booting up BraineumVerse and the Braineum Ecosystem.
Phantasm Finance
Phantasm FinanceETHOnline 2021
Phantasm Finance allows leveraged long and short positions that are insulat...
Community Garden
Community GardenETHOnline 2021
Community garden is a social dApp build from the community to everyone who ...
Tea Time
Tea TimeETHOnline 2021
Fair-drop lossless NFT auctions on Layer 2. Randomized lottery system with ...
TypeBeatETHOnline 2021
Decentralized NFT Marketplace for music stem and sample creators
Chess Wager
Chess WagerETHOnline 2021
Chess, but like with a non-binary, continuous, distributive outcome.
NeptuneETHOnline 2021
Neptune creates a financial layer on top of StackOverflow for protocols to ...
Wen Passive Income? NFT Protocol
Wen Passive Income? NFT ProtocolETHOnline 2021
WenPassiveIncome (WPI) NFT protocol adds passive income flows to an existin...
GlamGramETHOnline 2021
A Decentralised and Dynamic Social Streaming Network for Celebrity Cultures...
SocksOffETHOnline 2021
An AI-Generative NFT project that will knock your socks off. The AI is tune...
3dETHETHOnline 2021
3dETH is a decentralized marketplace offering 3d printing services via Ethe...
DexterETHOnline 2021
Dexter is a DeFi dashboard that allows you to create, import and export das...
LonesomeSharkETHOnline 2021
Using flash loans as a source for good to offer liquidation protection to D...
Kiez DAO
Kiez DAOETHOnline 2021
A new form of DAO. Users can vote from a Discord server and trigger Gnosis ...
EYELN - Play To Yield NFT Game
EYELN - Play To Yield NFT GameETHOnline 2021
A Play to Yield NFT Crypto Game. Own and claim your EYELN Tokens.
BuyOnChainETHOnline 2021
BuyOnChain is a decentralised marketplace that permits people to buy and se...
ESG Food Stars
ESG Food StarsETHOnline 2021
Solves the problem to reframe The Michelin Guide by including ESG criteria ...
Decentralized Learn & Earn
Decentralized Learn & EarnETHOnline 2021
Only decentralized, permissionless application on the Ethereum network to b...
Sugar Borrow
Sugar BorrowETHOnline 2021
A set of contracts and Hardhat scripts for giving/receiving credit delegati...
Orange Wallet
Orange WalletETHOnline 2021
Our mission is to give access to faster cross-chain DeFi and a seemless NFT...
WeInvest DAO Cross-chain Implementation
WeInvest DAO Cross-chain ImplementationETHOnline 2021
WeInvest tokens now available on L2s and sidechains, with support for BSC a...
BeeHiveETHOnline 2021
BeeHive is a community based on self-ownership, incentives and game theory ...
GPT-LootETHOnline 2021
GPT-Loot is an On Chain AI Loot Generation Platform. Generate loot from any...
WorkCDETHOnline 2021
Smart contracts for smart contractors. Making sure contractors get paid.
SuperGUMETHOnline 2021
A censorship-resistant subscription-based content sharing platform
doxx.networkETHOnline 2021
Unlock protocol for your eth address details. Powered by Superfluid and Pol...
Unstoppable Streams
Unstoppable StreamsETHOnline 2021
Unstoppable Streams. Decentralized Live Streaming. NFT tickets, NFT video C...
pay for NFTs while you're broke
pay for NFTs while you're brokeETHOnline 2021
Project Broke is built on top of Superfluid to allow people to buy stuff, f...
Simple NFT
Simple NFTETHOnline 2021
Easily build NFT collections, for community leaders and builders
Osu!Project!ETHOnline 2021
Build a token economy on an already existing open-source game
uLoanETHOnline 2021
ULoan is an uncollateralized marketplace where lenders provide funds to bor...
DunderDAOETHOnline 2021
Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc. is a fictional paper and office supply s...
NFT.giftsETHOnline 2021
An easy way to get NFT as a gift (even if you have not wallet)
RightokenETHOnline 2021
Rightoken is giving the music industry to artists by building a stock marke...
Light Soul
Light SoulETHOnline 2021
Pay some amount for video calling others. This reduces spam from sender and...
DAO Treasury Management through Discord
DAO Treasury Management through DiscordETHOnline 2021
A Serverless Discord bot for DAO treasury management. The funds are managed...
Greeting NFT Airdrop
Greeting NFT AirdropETHOnline 2021
A dapp where users can send a NFT of Greeting Card to someone via email
Humble Farmer LightHouse
Humble Farmer LightHouseETHOnline 2021
Humble Farmer Lighthouse is a fun game to help learn about yield farming
P2P Betting
P2P BettingETHOnline 2021
What if you could convert your bet into an NFT: like a Uniswap LP Token. Bo...
Guilds of Gods Battles
Guilds of Gods BattlesETHOnline 2021
A trading, battle & savings card card. NFT cards backed by Defi savings.
Nft Bridge
Nft BridgeETHOnline 2021
The direct smartcontract-to-smartcontract NFT Bridge Using Decentralized Or...
QrosETHOnline 2021
Your save file for the Queretaro City DAO gamified interactions.
NAMDAE Car Market [NcM]
NAMDAE Car Market [NcM]ETHOnline 2021
Marketplace for Car Buyers and Seller Escrow Polygon MATIC scaling of Eth...
LoyFinETHOnline 2021
Companies provide loyalty tokens to the customer as their strategic investm...
DegenMugenETHOnline 2021
DegenMugen is an NFT betting game based on an open source 2D fight engine i...
Dapp Members
Dapp MembersETHOnline 2021
A decentralized application acting as a composable lego brick for on-chain ...
Proxy Poster
Proxy PosterETHOnline 2021
A general purpose decentralized social network using Biconomy's gas relayer...
SomethingVenturedETHOnline 2021
Crowdfunding / IDO platform incorporating Defi, NFTs and Governance
MeedETHOnline 2021
Making it easy to create, approve and settle bounties on Ethereum.
NFTBullsETHOnline 2021
Enabling reliable and risk free renting of NFTs immune to high volatility
Project Vinland
Project VinlandETHOnline 2021
A metaverse to onboard next wave of users into crypto and DeFi
Ante Finance
Ante FinanceETHOnline 2021
Ante makes it easy to create and stake trustless, programmatically enforced...
ethmojiETHOnline 2021
Kaomoji NFT minted from a dao proposal and auctioned to the community
D.A.M.P.ETHOnline 2021
Stream tokens to any DeFi protocol ! Completely on-chain automated.
Proof Of Experience (P.O.E.)
Proof Of Experience (P.O.E.)ETHOnline 2021
Proof of Experience solves the problem of authenticating and verifying rea...
Call Meta
Call MetaETHOnline 2021
Create detailed metadata about pair programming sessions and calls as an in...
EthBlockArt Fee Splitting
EthBlockArt Fee SplittingETHOnline 2021
A Humble Bundle-style fee splitting mechanism for EthBlockArt to let users ...
ColorPixelsETHOnline 2021
Decentralized Live Streaming platform with NFT clips. This helps Streamers ...
Block Monsters
Block MonstersETHOnline 2021
An NFT card game where all cards are designed by the players and cards chan...
SpockETHOnline 2021
A decentralized stock market for sport stocks where users can trade the sto...
RainbowETHOnline 2021
Rainbow is a dashboard for Decentralized Finance Options trading.
MazuryETHOnline 2021
Freelancer platform allowing users to recommend & receive on chain referral...
MokaETHOnline 2021
Social media game where users earn tokens by sharing quality content!
Shrey Paharia
Shrey PahariaETHOnline 2021
An easy way for traders and liquidity providers to take leverage.
Zoduid - Zodiac Superfluid Enzyme
Zoduid - Zodiac Superfluid Enzyme ETHOnline 2021
A module for Zodiac the Gnosis DAO extension that can be used in conjunctio...
Nicolás Guasca
Nicolás GuascaETHOnline 2021
I want to build a decentralized platform to have meeting calls with the pos...
Blockhead: The Window to the Web3 Metaverse
Blockhead: The Window to the Web3 MetaverseETHOnline 2021
Blockhead is a user-friendly Web 3.0 browser/metaverse explorer for Ethereu...
Mix and Match NFT
Mix and Match NFTETHOnline 2021
Mix and Match lets you wrap multiple ERC-721 tokens in a single NFT.
Future Prizes
Future PrizesETHOnline 2021
Hindsight is 20/20: Retroactive Funding Mechanism Using Pooled Prizes
Dynamic NFT
Dynamic NFTETHOnline 2021
NFTs are good and they can exchange the property of an underlying asset, bu...
AfricaNFTETHOnline 2021
Africa Focus NFT Marketplace. A platform to showcase African arts and artis...
NFT Metadata Explorer
NFT Metadata ExplorerETHOnline 2021
I built an NFT Metadata Explorer Site Generator. Give me an address for a c...
StreamRollETHOnline 2021
We're a payroll management solution. We help DAOs pay their employees throu...
NeftifyETHOnline 2021
Lend players your game NFTs and earn a share of their play-to-earn rewards
LeverageETHOnline 2021
On click margin trading built on existing DeFi infrastructure
DDiaryETHOnline 2021
Want to save notes to your transactions and keep them safe? Use DDiary, the...
Sticker Shock
Sticker ShockETHOnline 2021
A tool for hopping between addresses to view the fiat cost of transacations...
VialendETHOnline 2021
A Uniswap V3 automated liquidity management tool that uses a unique vault d...
PaymagicETHOnline 2021
Paymagic is a payment tool for DAOs and crypto teams. Send batch transfers,...
MusicSharesETHOnline 2021
A decentralized platform to create, collab, commission, buy and sell NFT mu...
AndsubETHOnline 2021
On-chain subscriptions as NFTs paid in ERC20 tokens
Streaming Collateral
Streaming CollateralETHOnline 2021
A Dapp providing loans using advanced collateral types such as a Salary NFT...
EMI - Eth Market Index
EMI - Eth Market IndexETHOnline 2021
EMI is the first true whole market index built on Ethereum. It is as a pass...
PearlZZETHOnline 2021
Disintermediation of Loyalty Points and Rewards Ecosystem, not only for (C2...
🦄 Send Unicorn NFTs
🦄 Send Unicorn NFTsETHOnline 2021
Send Unicorns NFT app allows anyone in the world to start minting an NFT to...
FluidVideoETHOnline 2021
A patreon decentralized streaming platform where streamers receive tips and...
VaYamETHOnline 2021
A platform for offerring services like web development, or patreon like fun...
OrangeETHOnline 2021
Run your application on the decentralised cloud, or provide your idle compu...
SupaheroesETHOnline 2021
Do crowdfunding without the middle-man through our protocol
Andrii Skrypchenko
Andrii Skrypchenko ETHOnline 2021
Upgradable Universal NFT that serves for creating the economy and hierarch...
Survey DAPP
Survey DAPPETHOnline 2021
This app is a decentralised and improvised version of Google Forms.
DisguisefyETHOnline 2021
Share your defi portfolio without revealing your address or your net worth
Super Card Game
Super Card GameETHOnline 2021
NFT Trading Card Game with online matchmaking and exciting action
Upside Competitions
Upside CompetitionsETHOnline 2021
#upsidecomp is a launchpad that provides brands the opportunity to monetise...
ArbrETHOnline 2021
terraform API totems for 1/1 Earth. have your computer. use the door.
Nifty Pixels
Nifty PixelsETHOnline 2021
Nifty Pixels is an NFT marketplace where you can create, buy, and sell pixe...
Chris Buren
Chris BurenETHOnline 2021
Practice on creating objects that could become NFTs with certain traits.
VideoFlowOnlineETHOnline 2021
We would like to provide you a platform for people to view live videos onli...
NFT SVG Designer
NFT SVG DesignerETHOnline 2021
Tools for building interactive NFTs, including a deployed library and two s...
SpectETHOnline 2021
Spect is a decentralized gig economy that requires minimal trust between a ...
RisedleETHOnline 2021
Risedle is a decentralized Crypto Leveraged ETFs market protocol
Auction House
Auction HouseETHOnline 2021
Community driven Auction House, where community decides which NFT would go ...
Layer 2 Alpha Strategy
Layer 2 Alpha StrategyETHOnline 2021
We develop a staking arbitrage cross-layer (layer 2) alpha strategy showcas...
DAOrectoryETHOnline 2021
We are building a directory of DAOs that will issue decentralized identitie...
credspotETHOnline 2021
It is to SourceCred what GitHub is to git. CredSpot allows people to pay fo...
ENS gallery
ENS galleryETHOnline 2021
An NFT gallery connected to your ENS domain. Proudly display the NFTs you o...
LCSAETHOnline 2021
A desktop app for displaying and interacting with your generative art NFTs
Daniel Wang
Daniel WangETHOnline 2021
Earn yields and interest for depositing crypto into an upgradeable contract
MillionDollarTokenPage (MDTP)
MillionDollarTokenPage (MDTP)ETHOnline 2021
Milliondollartokenpage is milliondollarhomepage in the crypto Ξra. Show off...
Li.Finance - Bridge Analytics
Li.Finance - Bridge AnalyticsETHOnline 2021
We analyse different bridges / cross-chain protocols to be able to compare ...
LiquidityETHOnline 2021
we will implement a model that automatically determines the price by fracti...
instaNFTETHOnline 2021
Multichain NFT social network based around curation and likes.
Hapi Finance
Hapi FinanceETHOnline 2021
Ethereum estate management and inheritance using smart contracts
NFT Platform
NFT PlatformETHOnline 2021
NFT creation, visualization, purchasing, and sharing platform.
TradeWaveETHOnline 2021
We are building a smart contract escrow to facilitate B2B trade payments.
360 NFT
360 NFTETHOnline 2021
Video NFT with Livepeer. This project aims to create an NFT out of a livest...
LinkENSETHOnline 2021
A dapp for creators to deploy their own link aggregator website, backed by ...
Stream-a-buyETHOnline 2021
Stream-a-buy is a protocol for selling/buying products using token streams.
Gamerspro.ioETHOnline 2021
We are creating the #1 NFT Marketplace for Gamers and Esports League
Storage Retrieval Payment App
Storage Retrieval Payment AppETHOnline 2021
Payment app to retrieve audio or video files from IPFS/Filecoin
Skynet Converter
Skynet ConverterETHOnline 2021
Convert your files easily from Image To PDF, JPG To PNG etc...
HeroicLootETHOnline 2021
HeroicLoot is a top-down 3D rpg game, leveraging Loot NFT's as free startin...
Shreyas Papinwar
Shreyas PapinwarETHOnline 2021
A NFT based game where each owned NFT gets evolved and has some powers.
Battle Knights
Battle KnightsETHOnline 2021
A crypto-native auto battler game that lives entirely on the blockchain - f...
RhadaETHOnline 2021
Community-driven salaries using voting and superfluid streams
Variety.Finance - By Team: God Save The LPs
Variety.Finance - By Team: God Save The LPsETHOnline 2021
Introducing Variety.Finance! We defend the interest of Liquidity Providers...
deChessETHOnline 2021
A decentralized platform to play and watch games of chess through secure pe...
WAGMIETHOnline 2021 is an all-in-one NFT analytics tool, for everyone. Tracks new mint...
MetaworthETHOnline 2021
A no-code platform for meta creators to batch minting and tracking their NF...
QuaiotaETHOnline 2021
Decentralized non-fungible web3 profile where users can connect to apps and...
FancyBee NFT
FancyBee NFTETHOnline 2021
FancyBee is a charity-focused customizable NFT meant to fight climate chang...
BlockTimeFiETHOnline 2021
Tokenize your time via social token embedded with bonding curve. Every time...
Ethrtainment Live
Ethrtainment LiveETHOnline 2021
A decentralized platform to view live streams by purchasing a NFT
just some geeks
just some geeksETHOnline 2021
Bridging Enzyme and Balancer Protocols with Panache!
Fluid Miners
Fluid MinersETHOnline 2021
A Superfluid gamified coin offering, bonus distribution, using DAI as energ...
Degen Dogs
Degen DogsETHOnline 2021
An NFT series that invests in DeFI and streams money to owners. DeFi meets ...
unitETHOnline 2021
unit is a new Open Source General Purpose Visual Programming Language, idea...
CelestialETHOnline 2021
Celestial is a platform for deploying, buying, selling, and trading futures...
Shrine House
Shrine HouseETHOnline 2021
Shrine House is the first decentralized, community governed record label. W...
NFT Tools
NFT ToolsETHOnline 2021
NFT Tools consists of various NFT related tools for experimentation and lea...
AtlanticETHOnline 2021
A Message transmitter and protocol for performing Method calls cross-chain.
Just Mint
Just MintETHOnline 2021
A batch based system to mint and distribute NFTs powered by ChainLink VRF.
Lisky - Decentralized live streaming
Lisky - Decentralized live streamingETHOnline 2021
Decentralized live-streaming with live chat. Powered by Livepeer and Skynet...
DelgadoETHOnline 2021
Delgado is a the place you go to find DeFi deals and execute them well
Thin Mint
Thin MintETHOnline 2021
A protocol for creating alternative visualization to ERC721 NFTs
Balancer Chat
Balancer ChatETHOnline 2021
Join a chat group about a pool on Balancer V2, share NFT assets, and have f...
SamudaiETHOnline 2021
Samudai – Token Community Management (for Discord). Analyse, Manage and Rew...
Sharedtools.orgETHOnline 2021 - Powertools for protocol creators, UI based launcher for N...
HelpMeDevETHOnline 2021
Think of all the side projects you have worked on and maybe put it to the s...
Mirror Protocol
Mirror ProtocolETHOnline 2021
Decentralizing Mirror UI front-end (Skynet) & UI back-end (Akash) & API (AP...
PinyottasETHOnline 2021
Pinyottas are generative art NFTs loaded up with ERC-20 tokens
POPPETHOnline 2021
POPP unifies rewards and loyalty programs on the Blockchain.
99bottles.nftETHOnline 2021
99 Bottles is an NFT experiment in collaborative artwork and digital scarci...
CarnivalETHOnline 2021
A decentralized movie streaming platform with fractional ownership feature...
La Vie
La VieETHOnline 2021
A DeFi/NFT game. Stake to Play Yield Farm. Accounts & Items are NFTs.
💎 MyEthWorld 🌎 | Super Dapp Platform ✌️
💎 MyEthWorld 🌎 | Super Dapp Platform ✌️ ETHOnline 2021
MyEthWorld is a 🔥 Super Dapp 🔥, a suite of different services that utiliz...
BoutiqueETHOnline 2021
UpHop is a BAAS (Blockchain As A Service) platform for online food ordering...
POAP.ggETHOnline 2021 is creating exclusive fan experiences through limited edition NFTs ...
CuperfluidETHOnline 2021
A customised version of the superfluid protocol using a checkpointing mecha...
clrfund-jsETHOnline 2021
A JavaScript SDK for running your own CLR on top of the protocol.
JokingOn: Dynamic Revenue Generating NFTs
JokingOn: Dynamic Revenue Generating NFTsETHOnline 2021
A platform for which comedians can upload their content and create NFTs of ...
Enepti Network
Enepti NetworkETHOnline 2021
Grow-and-Earn Social Metaverse 🎨 NFT Social Tokens with On-Chain Generati...
FIN - Financially Intelligent NFTs
FIN - Financially Intelligent NFTsETHOnline 2021
"Eventual" swaps for ERC-20s using the power of custom NFTs.
Silo Finance
Silo FinanceETHOnline 2021
Silo Finance aims to be the safest and easiest way to borrow and lend any c...
Zero to Infinity
Zero to InfinityETHOnline 2021
The user connects their wallet and chooses to mint the artwork for the next...
Banner Studio NFT Minter
Banner Studio NFT MinterETHOnline 2021
Design and generate a unique Twitter banner and mint it as an NFT
Buildship.jsETHOnline 2021
No-code builder for NFT collections. We make deploy 10x cheaper
passbirdETHOnline 2021
Passbird is a metamask fork that lets users sign into dApps using a magic l...
RaftelETHOnline 2021
We are building a simple crypto payroll management solution for first time ...
FloorWarsETHOnline 2021
FloorWars Synthetics - USD vs CryptoPunks Decile Floor Covered Call Options
NFToodleETHOnline 2021
Doodle/scribble together, have fun and sell your collaborative doodle/scrib...
Learn moralis
Learn moralisETHOnline 2021
Learning moralis is a project which implements tutorials by moralis
Osmotic Funding
Osmotic FundingETHOnline 2021
Protocol built on top of Superfluid Finance and Conviction Voting to create...
NFT on Demand
NFT on DemandETHOnline 2021
NFT on Demand is a marketplace that connects users witht their favorite NFT...
Stream platform
Stream platformETHOnline 2021
Dollar Cost Averaging: - Users stream DAI into a pooling contract (Superflu...
USA Wallet
USA WalletETHOnline 2021
A localized mobile wallet built for on-boarding and ease of use, with an as...
BlockhookETHOnline 2021
Block Hook is a mircoservice to trigger custom webhooks based on onchain co...
OpenVessel - Health Insurance & DeFi Jubilant-Market
OpenVessel - Health Insurance & DeFi Jubilant-MarketETHOnline 2021
Leveraging Blockchain Technologies to cover any out-pocket medical cost.
TWalletETHOnline 2021
Trading Wallet Simple Trading Wallet made with Moralis and ParaSwap SDK to...
tampopo [dot] eth
tampopo [dot] ethETHOnline 2021
Won't you please pull my threads, my love? Unravel me and watch me spin my ...
Essential Eth
Essential EthETHOnline 2021
Replacing ethers.js and web3.js with code 25x smaller. Web3 must be faster ...
SoundlyETHOnline 2021
Streaming platform that pays in real time and stream analytics
PassPet - Verifiable and Private Pet Records for International Travel
PassPet - Verifiable and Private Pet Records for International TravelETHOnline 2021
EU-compliant "Pet Passport" - stored privately on-chain, and verifiable by ...
MultiCryptoBOTETHOnline 2021
Discord MultiCrypto Bot - An experimental integration of ETH APIs
Huddle01ETHOnline 2021
We are building web3 agonstic video conferencing platform ensuring privacy ...
Waifu Hunters
Waifu HuntersETHOnline 2021
Improving the user experience of the Uniswap platform for first-time-ever u...
GamelandETHOnline 2021
Gameland is a blockchain game rental platform, building open scholarship c...
Lucy_GooseyETHOnline 2021
Goose Hunt Game with Generative GooseCoin NFTs ($GOO): Replacing Humans as ...
Heart Drops
Heart DropsETHOnline 2021
Heart Drops is an NFT fractionalization platform that inspires a community ...