Send Unicorns NFT app allows anyone in the world to start minting an NFT token and share with their friends! Just with a click of a button, an unicorn NFT is born! I create this project to demonstrate the ability to mint NFT and share with friends can be very fast, simple and fun. Huge shout out to NFTPort and IPFS, which makes the whole development experience on web3 becomes so much more smoother. Really happy to see more and more emerging tools that foster the rapid growth and ease of use for the web3 ecosystem.

🦄 Send Unicorn NFTs showcase

How it's made

The project is powered by NFTPort's mint NFT Apis, which provides a blazingly fast experience to create a NFT, along with Protocol labs IPFS server which makes it so convenient to store the raw images of the artwork and share the public url. Frontend is built with some Vuejs and css magic. I am very impressed with the fast speed it takes to create a dapp nowdays versus a few years ago. Tools to simplify the complexity of development in web3 are really helpful.