Getting an idea for developing into a project needs tremendous efforts in the world at this point in time. What about the efforts to get seed funding for a project? What happens when your innovative idea competes with a weaker project with a powerful backer? It needs massive support in order to bring your idea to this world. ALLY solves your issues with the following: - A moderator starts a league where players can submit ideas and hence joins the battle.- - The ideas that get huge support from the investors independent of key investor effects wins the highest funds, thanks to the Quadratic Funding algorithm. - Investors get a part of shares in the projects that they invest in. - A credibility score for investors is maintained in the contract. - More investments in top projects gives an investor a higher credibility score. - Investors can mint NFT and sell them to others. NFT's buyers get a share of the project's revenue along with the investor on the next league. Buyers can check the credibility score of the investor to decide whether to buy. - Investors set the price for the NFT that plan to sell

ALLY showcase

How it's made

Ally is powered by a NodeJS - ReactJS based front-end which uses Tailwind CSS for styling. The portal runs on the Matic network which is connected to the portal via Portis wallet. Moralis development platform is used to connect to retrieve data from the 1inch and ChaninLink APIs.