Andrii Skrypchenko

Upgradable Universal NFT that serves for creating the economy and hierarchy for the games within the metaverse


The idea is to have the same set of NFT that could be upgraded and transferred between different games affecting the UI and game engine. It is the pain point for most of the games, as they don't have a flexible transfer mechanism between the games and we are aiming at that particular point. We envision that creating a trustless environment where games are competing for the payers without any threshold is what could make the gaming industry a better place in the near future.

Andrii Skrypchenko  showcase

How it's made

It's just a simple Solidity contract built in Truffle and no additional technology was used for the building. Though many things were sounding like very cool stuff, it was proved to be almost impossible to apply any of them for the new project without in-depth knowledge. We've started from the simple ERC721 template from the OpenZeppelin, and then proceed adding the functionality like Vaults for different games, token types and Level to give the user maximum flexibility.