Arbr. Finding unity on earth using the fire of time, the fluid life of water with our in-between, and the light of air via our waveforms to undo the axises of evil like that done to our climate. use the door, let’s build a better computer. The project goals are 3-fold: 1) Curate NFTs through linked portals served IRL amongst the trees of Earth, like a charcuterie for a gather. 2) Create an activity staging interface for collecting media assets, in conjunction with non-invasive brain computer interface tracking for community coherence likeness in perpetual network healing pods. 3) Bridging worlds of gerontology - being the study of aging and longevity of carbon life forms - with that of a horology via the study of clock coordination mechanisms, like being able to vibe together & play.

Arbr showcase

How it's made

The architecture is central to using charged particle containers as memetic aggregation points, where curated totems are pulled from APIs like NFTPort & Moralis on the Polygon network, charged with tokens like DAI to yield a return, and uploaded through the Fox interface using Textile windowed cognition particles flung across the Fluence network in the Faun class. Users can walk away with a radial wave nft signature using Fog as a token of participation in gathers amongst the cosmic mist. I should note, I worked on some of the project prior, possibly 30-40%.