ArGoApp is a deployment aggregator platform for decentralized cloud protocols, which helps developers easily deploy their static websites on Decentralised Protocols. The developer doesn’t need to download anything, they can just come to our platform ( and connect with their GitHub account. We automatically fetch all the repositories from the user's GitHub account. Users then select which repository they want to deploy and choose the protocol (IPFS, Filecoin, Arweave, Skynet, etc). Users just have to fill the deployment configurations and click on Deploy and that's all. It will be up and running on the chosen decentralized protocol. Users can also connect centralized and decentralized domains (like Handshake, ENS) from our platform with just some clicks. Users can also automate their deployment as well which will increase their productivity when building their application. Currently, we support JavaScript app frameworks like React, Vue, Next, etc, but more Jamstacks will be added as we grow. Users can pay us in one-time fees, they can also opt for subscriptions as well, which have some added features.

ArGoApp Protocol showcase

How it's made

We have lots of integration in our platform, we started by integrating Arweave and Skynet as deployment providers. We have also integrated handshake as a domain provider. We are interested in integrating IPFS and Filecoin into our list of deployment providers. And integrate ENS as a domain provider. We would be integrating IPFS, Filecoin & ENS during this hackathon and showcase it to all the hackathon shareholders.