The Atlantic project is a protocol that passes Message information cross-chain. The Message structure includes a command architecture that calls any function call and maintains the message integrity across every blockchain the Message is received. The Message structure includes a (1) unique message Id, (2) The callback address on the chain the message originates from, (3) An amount to transfer or a fee to be included with the transfer, (4) The contract address of the destination chain. This information is then transmitted through a Chainlink node and a transaction is executed in a Chainlink External Adapter to the Binance Smart Chain testnet where the message is stored and executes the commands within the message.

Atlantic showcase

How it's made

This project uses @Chainlink's External Adapters to transmit our message structure from Ethereum to Binance. We use @Angular for an example dApp, @Moralis on the dApp to connect to our smart contract on Binance Smart Chain testnet, @Truffle to build and deploy our smart contracts.