Community driven Auction House We wanted to implement real world scenario of Auction House, where community expresses interest for items they would like to buy and at any given point of time only one item would go up for sale. We intend to build Auction House where at any time there is going to be only one NFT for sale but community gets to choose which NFT goes for sale based on the number of votes. Right now we have also been able to show NFT's minted on different marketplaces as well on our app, but going forward we would like to give an option to NFT creators to push their NFT's created on any marketplace to be moved to our Auction House.

Auction House showcase

How it's made

Contracts are written in Solidity and have been deployed on Polygon Mumbai testnet. We have provided support for Homescreen for managing multiple versions of our app. We have used the following: 1. React 2. Moralis SDK and API to login, interact with contracts, and get information from testnet. 3. Filecoin webstorage for pinning the NFT metadata information. 4. Skynet for file storage as part of our CI/CD, through GitHub Actions (Deploy to Skynet action)