Balancer Pool Chat is decentralized group chat application, which can be embed into Balancer UI, or run as a standalone application by providing the corresponding Balancer pool ID. Balancer Pool Chat supports many commands as slack does. Users are able share NFT assets, host livepeer stream, quickly check crypto portfolio, and check assets price. Balancer UI integration can be found here

Balancer Chat showcase

How it's made

Balancer Pool Chat uses Waku as the main decentralized communication protocol to enable group chat without central sever. It uses Graph Balancer subgraph to query Balancer pool info. It integrates NFTPort and Zora to allow user to easily search and share NFT assets. It uses Umbrella as a decentralized Oracle to check assets price. The Video steaming is powered by Livepeer. By utilizing Covalent API, it is able to check crypto portfolio of an address. Balancer Pool Chat is hosted on decentralized storage platform Skynet. It also uses Pocket Network as a decentralized Ethereum rpc node.