This project is an experiment in generative art, NFT minting, and being able to put some of the generative art controls in the hands of the user. The user is able to control the generative process and create an image that they'd like to mint onto the Ethereum network and use on their social media profiles as a banner image.

Banner Studio NFT Minter showcase

How it's made

This app is using React, TypeScript, and D3.js for the frontend with Ethers.js for interacting with MetaMask. Hardhat was used to test and deploy the contract onto the Rinkeby network. The communication between the contract and the frontend was handled by Alchemy using their web3 provider. Alchemy made it super simple to call methods on the contract and handle the interactions that I needed. The metadata for the NFT is stored on IPFS via Pinata. I have a lot of experience with SVG but I had never really dealt with generative art so I was pretty happy with the result. I wish I had more time to get more templates in, but overall I'm happy with my app considering I built it solo end to end.