Governments and private organizations sponsor research activities or any task for their commercial interest. But, who funds for contributing to open source projects, fixing a security bug in decentralized code or planting a tree? BeeHive platform Award Certificates of Achievements, Validate Good work done, List all awards received in the community, List NFTs, awards in the market place, receives funding for good work done and invest Assets in DeFi to gain interest and grow.

BeeHive showcase

How it's made

The project uses ZORA framework, to store files in IPFS/Filecoin network. It uses ZORA framework market place for putting the NFT for bid. The Graph is used to search for NFT in Rinkeby TestNet. The NFT/award can be validated by the Reputation Index calculated with collecting data from various sources such as registration with ENS system, Digital ID in Ceramics and mention in the social web app Twitter through Chainlink Oracle. Anybody can contribute to the good work done using Superfluid. The fund gained can be deposited in a DeFi system such as Compound and others. Used NFTPort and Textile to store files in IPFS.