UpHop combines Blockchain and dine-in/takeaway food services for everyone in the ecosystem. We offer omni channel services for restaurants and open up a new revenue streams for them. Restaurants will be able to earn from NFTs and governance token besides just merchandize like they do now. The Goal of this platform is to normalize crypto currency usage for day to day activities because that we what we believe is the future of commerce. Benefits for Restaurant are : Easy onboarding, Integrated POS system for dine-in, delivery & pickup,Service fees next to nothing + no hidden charges, Expand market reach to new customers with digital wallets, Reviews only by the verified customers , Blockchain Loyalty Program, Ability to launch NFTs as additional revenue channel , Avoid counterfeit & manipulative orders, Earn governance token. Benefits for Customers : Ability to use digital currency for ordering food, Protected customer privacy ,No service fee overhead for customers, Savings through Crypto cash-back, Earn governance tokens from every order, Collect NFTs, Loyalty program benefits at no additional costs.

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How it's made

UpHop uses Moralis, DAI, React, IPFS, Metamask and Walletconnect. Moralis made it very easy to store data onChain/offChian and help us listen and store smart contract events. We are storing Store info and Menu on IPFS. We chose DAI as currency of the platform, as this is best stable currency available.