Big ideas that could help humanity have a hard time getting funding to become reality. We're solving this problem with Social impact Bonds. These are ERC721 NFTs that fund public benefits from idea to impact. Bond holders get to vote on which projects get funded per season. Bond holders can earn CDAO yield based on adding value to Citizen DAO. Each Bond is sold for ETH, with a portion going to fund projects; a portion goes to DAO treasury then to Compound for yield; then a portion goes directly to the CDAO liquidity pool using Balancer's smart pool contracts to create a fair liquidity option.

Citizen DAO showcase

How it's made

We bootstrapped the project by building on the Scaffold-eth framework. Our bonds are ERC721 standards using OpenZeppelin's contracts. Gnosis Safe is used for all treasury operations. CDAO is our governance token, which is an ERC20 token. We're using Balancer's Smart Pool contracts to setup a fair liquidity launch.