The goal of the project is to help creators (Streamers/Artists/...) generate new types of revenue when live streaming. The problem creators have at the moment is that people share clips of their work on social media and they don't receive money for that. We created ColorPixels, a decentralized live streaming platform, to bring back the value into the pockets of the creators. ColorPixels allows viewers to clips short moments of the live stream into an NFT. Once a clip is turned into an NFT, the possibilities are endless. We can embed royalties for the creator. This way, every time the NFT is sold, money is sent back to the creator. ColorPixels believe that creators will be able to create more and better content is they are properly remunerated. We believe is an extraordinary mechanism that is very adapted to do this.

ColorPixels showcase

How it's made

The project uses heavily livepeer technology to host the live stream in a decentralized way. Livepeer has been an incredible partner to help us bring this project to life. We also use Rarible API to lazy mint NFTs. Rarible APIs allowed us to provide free minting of NFT clips for all the viewers. Allowing free NFT minting is immensely valuable, as it also a lot more viewer to clip NFTs. More NFTs equals more money for the creator, so we're very happy about that. Furthermore, we use Web3.js to interact with the viewer's wallet.