Open-source contributors are rewarded incrementally for the incremental work they do on a project. They earn "cred" in the project based on their activity, which can be thought of as "shares" in the project's revenue. On the other side of the market, users can purchase and download the resulting software in a digital store, at which point the resulting payment is immediately distributed amongst all contributors.

credspot showcase

How it's made

A GitHub webhook on the project repo points to a backend server which recalculates SourceCred and updates an oracle based on's Open Oracle Framework. When someone purchases the software on the website, a smart contract sends the money to a Superfluid Instant Distribution Agreement, splitting the purchase price amongst everyone in a pool. The contract also keeps track of which addresses have purchased the software in the past. When downloading the software, the backend server verifies the purchase using the smart contract, and if so, serves the download using