CryptoPerks is a company perks platform for giving employee benefits in the form of interest-bearing cryptocurrency accounts. Company admins can connect their accounts and issue accounts based on AAVE pools for generating income for their employees as part of a benefits package. Each employee record in Cryptoperks can have a series of badges uploaded to the profile as well as transferable NFTs.

CryptoPerks showcase

How it's made

Cryptoperks is an integrated application that allows crypto accounts to be provisioned and managed as part of a benefits program for employees. Cryptoperks uses various blockchain connection pieces to deliver a comprehensive crypto management platform for employees. Each sponsor is used in the following way: - AAVE: AAVE is used to give the greatest selection of interest-bearing accounts offered in different ERC-20 supported tokens. The admin or the employee can select the currency most appropriate for their particular goals. - Moralis: Secure login and balance for administrators against Metamask. Employee metadata and wallet information is stored and retrieved using Moralis objects. IPFS connection for retrieving badges. - Skynet: Deployment and homescreen access. Add cryptoperks to hosted storage - Bitgo:wallet creation. BitGo SDKs, WBTC, Smart contracts library extensions and BitGo wallet. - IPFS / Filecoin: Using for employee badges, records, and achievements. - Paraswap: Dex aggregator used for getting the best exchange rates. For deposits, Paraswap enables swapping between the current currency (Eth) and the target currency for the admins account from the user interface. - Reflexer: The Reflexer RAI is added/demoed as an exchangeable/swappable token for employee crypto account deposits. - Pocket Network: Used to proxy and track Kovan network requests serving the Cryptoperks application. See for more information.