This project allows any user to stream tokens to any supported DeFi protocols (such as Aave, Balancer, dHedge etc) in an automated fashion. The aim is to let anyone create a solution for interacting with any DeFi protocol. People/devs who create these solutions can get rewarded for the same. Currently, the core devs (us) can only make these solution contracts but the ultimate goal is to make this permissionless. We have integrated Aave protocol and partially integrated Balancer protocol (front-end isn't ready for it). We plan to use various other protocols too in the future after thorough testing of the contracts.

D.A.M.P. showcase

How it's made

This project uses Superfluid's real-time streaming capabilites to stream tokens to our contracts which represent individual DeFi protocols. The core contracts are responsible for handling the math (invested amount, uninvested amount, user's share etc.). Helper contracts are created as libraries which contain code specific to a protocol. Automation is still pending as we have to deploy it on mainnet for it to work (we are using Gelato network though in the future we would like to use Chainlink keepers). Front-end of the project utilises subgraphs to fetch data from Aave's and Superfluid's subgraphs. The whole front-end has been created using Moralis which made our jobs much easier. We were really impressed by the speed with which we finished the project towards the end (i.e. the front-end part).