This project has: - a smart contract, making it possible to create and handle Organizations and Memberships. This smart contract can be accessed by other smart contracts for different use cases such as filtering wallets for a given DeFi operation based on their recorded memberships. - a front-end to interact with the smart contract. That front-end is decentralized using Skynet, has an "Add to home screen" button and automates its deployment using github actions. - a back-end using Moralis, storing emitted events and making it accessible via Cloud Functions. It also uses a Speedy Node to connect with BSC Testnet.

Dapp Members showcase

How it's made

I use solidity for the smart contract, using contracts from Open Zeppelin. The front end uses javascript and Moralis SDK for user management. It accesses on chain data using Speedy Nodes as well as Moralis data using Cloud functions. The front end is decentralized on Skynet and the deployment is automated using github actions.