DBeats - Decentralised Video, Music Streaming & NFTs Marketplace. DBeats is a platform for streamers, content creators, singers, artists & every other social person to connect & form a community over the Web3. DBeats provides a single platform for Creators to host live shows, create discord-like servers, receive donations during the live streams & mint NFTs from any content for which the minter can prefer to get royalties from. DBeats integrates Superfluid, Livepeer, Audius, IPFS, Moralis, Zora to provide that complete solution of decentralized experience which has been missing currently in the content creation space.

DBeats - Decentralised Creators Community showcase

How it's made

How DBeats puts artists & audience as the main platform owners : 🌍Decentralised Content On Demand on IPFS - Videos, Music & everything else is stored to IPFS making it immutable & central owner resistant. 🎥Livestreaming - DBeats uses Livepeer's infrastructure of decentralized GPUs for transcoding & streaming video live streams to the audience saving up on excessive server costs required & No server downtimes either. Also, restreams to more than 15 platforms parallelly. 💰Superfluid Donations & Subscriptions - Yeah! We mean it. Fans can literally make donations using crypto tokens to their favorite creators through monthly subscription plans or one-time Donations. Audience can tip DAI tokens to creators during a livestream. 🃏NFTs - Mint NFTs of Music, Videos, or anything you like. DBeats uses Zora for NFT minting on Polygon Blockchain. It means only unique NFTs will be accepted. 🎵Favorites & Reactions - Add Music to Favorites or React to videos or take the discussion over to the community chatrooms. ☀Dark/Light - Choose the active sunny Day Mode or the gazy Night Mode from the sidebar. 🔑Web3 Login - Sign Up using your Username & Password and just connect your Metamask wallets next time you log In.