This project is to display your tokens, NFTs and historical transactions. And for each transaction (or swap, ..) you can add a note/comment (can be a video or any other file) to explain why you did it or to save something related to the transaction. You can even add notes for what you were your thoughts that day. Those files will be saved in IPFS/Filecoin to be sure of its authenticity and its longevity.

DDiary showcase

How it's made

I'll build this project using: Moralis (for the Dapp). So I've forked the cloned Zerion from Moralis's git. I've updated the project and then added a way to display the transactions queried in a calendar. IPFS-Filecoin (to save data, transaction's files) was used to keep the file of each transaction in IPFS so we can check it's authenticity and have its longevity.