This project enables users to build their own financial dashboard and interact with the Ethereum ecosystem through an ever-growing list of dApps. Similar to Notion, users can add "blocks" to the dashboard and assemble them in any way they prefer. Each block contains some functionality on Ethereum, whether that is displaying analytics data, NFT images, or the latest crypto news. Once you have a dashboard layout you like, you can export it to a JSON file to share with your friends or keep multiple layouts at the ready. Customization is at the heart of Dexter, so in the future, we would like users to be able to build their own blocks that meet their needs.

Dexter showcase

How it's made

This project relies on The Graph for on-chain analytics data, Alchemy API for Ethereum JSON-RPC calls, and Ethers.js for interacting with the Ethereum ecosystem. I was especially impressed with the developer tooling and documentation in the ecosystem. The SDKs and API endpoints in Alchemy and The Graph were especially easy to connect to React and this made the development process a great experience.