Disguisefy allows you to share your portfolio without revealing your address or your net worth. You can select from multiple levels, ranging from low privacy to high privacy. The higher the privacy level, the harder it is to reverse search your address. Once an address has been Disguisefied, a unique link is generated. It leads to a dashboard with the contents of that web3 portfolio by revealing the amounts in percentages (or none depending on the privacy level). All the data manipulations are done in the back-end, therefore it is impossible to retrieve a user's address from the front-end. Currently, this project supports only Ethereum, but we have plans to integrate all EVM compatible chains supported by Zapper.

Disguisefy showcase

How it's made

For the frontend we used Next.js and deployed it to Vercel ( and Skynet (disguisefy.eth). The frontend is deployed through the Skynet Github action to our ENS decentralized domain. On the IPFS version, we use React's HashRouter instead of Next.js static page generation. This allowed for a much easier implementation to fetch data from our server. The backend is composed of a NodeJS REST api with 2 different storage options. First option is a classic MySQL DB on a centralized provider. Second option is to store small files on IPFS using, for a decentralized experience. The API is in responsible for collecting the relevant information about the user's address and filtering the data to make it much harder to reverse find the address and then store it on the desired storage solution.