The project aims at putting in relation pseudonymous entities on-chain but incentivizing them with financial rewards. How it works in practice is that a user (party A) goes to the platform signs their ethereum address, register their email address, and a bounty amount. The bounty amount is kept on the smart contract and the email saved on our servers. Shall another party (party B) find this guy on-chain activity interesting he can go on the platform and buy the bounty. His money will be streamed to the original guy and we will send an email containing the email address of party A to him. They can now start to chat. If party B does not receive replies, he can stop the stream. If party B stops the stream even if party A is still talking, party A can stop replying. showcase

How it's made

The backend is built using nodejs et express with a MySQL database, the whole thing is deployed using docker-compose on an aws server. The frontend is made with nextjs, tailwindcss, and ethers. The smart contracts were developed using hardhat, ethers, web3, and superfluid. The smart contract is UUPS upgradeable following the OZ tutorial :) The smart contracts are deployed on Polygon even though the demo was shown on Goerli for speed and to avoid paying too much fees during the demos.