A food directory based on Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. Get to know your food by understanding the farm it came from and it’s journey. Problem: it takes a lot of research to know the ESG measures of the food we eat. Solution: this initiative will redefine food excellence based on an ESG model. Verified supply chain moments from farm to point of purchase will be captured using Blockchain technology, both on-chain and off-chain transactions. Timestamp to reveal freshness. Filters on dApp: in addition to taste, ESG criteria measurements on everything from Certifications, soil stewardship, carbon footprint, biodiversity, sustainability and more. Maps feature will allow searches by distance to encourage buying local.

ESG Food Stars showcase

How it's made

There are not a lot of nitty-gritty details that I'm able to provide. My journey into coding is just beginning, I'm at a starting point to and excited to learn. I installed the programs required to use Austin's scaffolding eth: Node, GIT, NPM, Yarn. I moved money from the faucet and saw transactions on Etherscan. I changed my project purpose in coding to ESG Food Stars. My project uses Scaffold-eth for both frontend and backend. Github for repository. I promise you that these are significant first steps for me towards making this an amazing project.