Eth Moji is a KaoMoji-based NFT community. NFTs are first proposed via DAO. In order to send a proposal the user would need KAO tokens that can be swapped. Once a proposal is created it can be approved or rejected. If approved, it would be converted to an auction in which users bid KAO tokens to get the freshly created NFT. The KAO tokens from the winner bid would be split in two, one to the proposal creator, and the second one to be burnt.

ethmoji showcase

How it's made

KAO tokens is an ERC20 contract, the NFT is 721, and the KaoDao extends Governor all from OpenZeppelin. The auction the uses AuctionHouse contract from Zora and the Buy page is built with the paraswap SDK. All UI is custom made with React and SCSS. As for libraries used: EtherJS and web3-react. Hardhat is used to manage all the solidity side of things.