This project will be a platform where you can view major (and creator) events that are live streamed. The event streamer will sell NFTs as proof of purchase for entry to view the livestream. We imagine major sports events, gaming events, concerts, festivals, conferences, e-learning, and the creator community utilizing the platform. We feel this will help attract a wider audience even if some of the events are in person as well. The NFTs as tickets diminishes counterfeit ticket sales since the NFT is secure on the blockchain.

Ethrtainment Live showcase

How it's made

We used LivePeer for streaming and viewing, with JWPlayer. We used Ethers.js to connect to the blockchain in order to mint and sell NFTs as event tickets. Hardhat was used for testing and to deploy contracts for contracts. React was used to the front end for user interaction. Solidity to write smart contracts and OpenZeppelin ERC721 to create NFTs. We did not have time to incorporate the IPFS or deploy to IPFS as originally planned.