The FIN platform combines NFTs and DeFi by way of custom management for ERC-20s. Set minimum and maximum price levels at which your Input Token will convert to the desired Output Token. The tokens will be automagically sent back to your Web3 wallet. Alternatively, the user can burn the NFT themselves to close the position or sell the NFT on a traditional marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. Trustlessly expose your DAO or Protocol fund management by showing your users the input parameters set for managing risk. Hold your funds in cold storage and set a price target to convert into a stablecoin or other "safe harbor" asset. Go from illiquid to liquid assets automagically.

FIN - Financially Intelligent NFTs showcase

How it's made

The FIN platform uses specifically-tailored NFTs that act as containers for users' ERC-20 assets. When one of the user's price target is matched, either the Min or Max price set, the smart contract will initiate a swap on Uniswap into the Output Token using Chainlink Keepers. The owner of the NFT at time of swap will be set as the recipient for the swap. This avoids unnecessary transfer gas costs. Alternatively, the owner of the NFT can call the burn() function to close the position themselves and receive back their deposited assets. Moralis is used to show the NFTs which are owned by a specific address, which could be a DAO or a Protocol. The front-end has automatic deployments to Skynet via Github Actions so users can have a fully-decentralized UI experience.