A gamified experience that could be used to run coin offerings. Asteroids are smart-contracts that contains a bunch of deployed tokens inside it, once a DAix stream is sent to it, the user receives same stream of tokens back. A max flow is pre-defined to allow multiple users create streams concurrently. So the better is arrive at asteroid soon and start to mine early and for the most time is possible to fetch big chunks of tokens from it. The users could deploy their own Asteroid with a custom token inside it and share the link to allow other players to mine the asteroid.

Fluid Miners showcase

How it's made

The DAPP is developed using Vue, the smart-contracts was created and deployed using Remix. Project uses Ethers to connect wallets and Superfluid SDK to create and stop token streams. Project uses DAI and DAIx( DAI wrapped SuperToken) as source of token streams. All graphical elements was drawn on Gravit Designer and Pixelmator.