This project is a variation of retroactive public goods funding as popularized by Vitalik Buterin and Optimism, which combines the forward-looking nature of markets with the hindsight of prizes. We solve the problem of where the prize pool comes from. Grantmakers and speculators bid on project tokens. The capital cost is deducted from the winning bid and the rest goes into the prize pool. This makes it similar to a Calcutta auction with reserve prices which are taxed from the prize pool.

Future Prizes showcase

How it's made

The contracts were developed and tested in dapptools. Then, they were compiled and deployed to Rinkeby using Remix, and verified using Etherscan. For the frontend, useDapp was used. The project was built with webpack and ts-loader from TypeScript/React. The frontend is a single page app which allows you to connect on Rinkeby and bid on projects.