Automated market making strategy for stablecoins (BUSD) using Dow theory


(NOT COMPLETE: Did not commit as much as a should have as early as I should have)This project is supposed to be an automated market making strategy for stable coins. The idea is that you input some candle stick data of previous prices and the smart contract will set the prices that you should buy and sell the coin at for you. Then you ask the smart contract if you can buy/sell the coin yet, and it will tell you if it is ready yet.

Gary showcase

How it's made

For most of my time spent on this project, I had tried to integrate the 1Inch protocol but had messed something up at the last minute, and this led to me rushing to revise the program to work without the 1Inch protocol with very little time. But, the system is very simple, I used a theory on how to trade the market safely by Charles Dow that I had read in a book. And so the theory in terms would mean that you would have to buy right below the average price, then when the price bumps up to a little above the average price you can get a small profit with little risk. since solidity does not take decimals and the coin I was going to use mostly was just above the 1 dollar mark at 1.0006 or right below at .999 as the price, I had to convert the price using scientific notation(EXAMPLE: .9990*10^4=9990.) This was the usual sell price.