The project is called Gear Terminal and the basic idea is that you can SEND and RECEIVE transmissions between the NFTs from the GΞAR Collection. I've used the GΞAR collection as a proof of concept but basically you can apply this for any other NFT collection. GΞAR is a collection of NFTs with cyber traits, so is more like a Cyberpunk futuristic world if we compare it to LOOT for eg. which is more like adventure mystic world. This is also the reason for the design I've used in the interface which kind of looks like a TERMINAL from Fallout 4 or from the Cyberpunk 2077 game. The NFTs that you own are like TERMINALS which you can use to communicate with other NFTs from the Collection. Owning multiple NFTs from the collection is like owning multiple TERMINALS. Features: - Send and receive transmissions between GΞAR NFTs - Browse through your GΞAR collection - Check the rarity of your GΞAR - Browse through others GΞAR Future plans: - Unbundler - so that the user can unbundle the items from the NFTs he owns. - Marketplace - using the openSea SDK - so that he can trade the items he has

Gear Terminal showcase

How it's made

- Backend uses MORALIS services to retrieve NFT blockchain data - The rarity data for the NFTs is stored into JSON files an it was initially retrieved from the blockchain with another app I made callled JSON Parser (that uses the same Moralis services) - Messages between NFTs are stored in the Moralis database - Frontend uses REACT and Chakra UI