A blockchain based social platform that empowers celebrities to build and monetize their brand value by deeply connecting with their fans. This also rewards fans for their engagement and support. We are building a fan engagement focused social NFT marketplace for celebrities across industry sectors such as arts, movies, and selected sports with a novel set of experiences and a unique interactive NFT marketplace framework. Please find our value proposition detailed below. For celebrities 1.We are helping them to increase brand value 2. Giving complete entertainment sector oriented social network 3. Providing a platform to deeply engage with their followers For followers 1. A platform to engage with celebrities and get rewards 2. Own your celebrity / movie stars unique collections throgh NFT ( essential act as an investment ) 3. An open place for them to dicuss celebrities and movies Please find the full code base here >>

GlamGram showcase

How it's made

GlamGram platform consists of a mobile app, a set of user experience concepts, user experience flows and a smart contract system deployed on Ethereum, Polygon and interoperable to Solana system. Mobile App is built with Flutter. The Smart Contracts are written in Solidity. All the contracts are upgradeable. The interoperability is introduced through the Solana Bridge. Please find the full code base at