GPT-Loot is an on-chain loot generation platform. Users can can enter a theme, which can be anything. Based on your theme, GPT-Loot will generate organized loot sets relating to your theme. With your generated loot you can: Automatically deploy your own NFT loot contract from your generated loot and mint, trade and show off your loot. You can also add your generated loot a global loot contract that holds many different loot sets. When users mint loot from your loot set, you'll receive part of the minting fee.

GPT-Loot showcase

How it's made

This project uses the OpenAI Template Repo: Backend: -Brownie EVM framework for deployment and testing -Chainlink node, oracle and external adapter services for calling the API -Solidity to write the smart contracts Frontend: -Javascript -NextJS -React -Ethers -Chakra UI