Covid-19 impacted many charity organizations world-wide, often forcing them to act with reduced resources and higher demands on their services. While the pandemic rages on, climate change, social justice, human rights, education, poverty, and other causes all are increasingly in desperate need of being addressed. The opportunity provided by blockchain technology not only solves many problems charities face in our ever increasingly virtual world, it also allows them to get ahead and significantly up their outreach while providing a totally new source of fundraising. The Heart Drop mission is to create an equal and inclusive global community of artists, collectors, and charities using NFTs as the catalyst for a whole new way of giving.

Heart Drops showcase

How it's made

This project used ReactJS and ether.js along with the Daisy UI library based on Tailwind to build the front end. HeartDrops.Art is an NT auction platform where creators, collectors, donors and charities can gather. Creators, collectors and donators can log in using Metamask and donate an existing NFT or mint one directly on the platform through smart contracts we developed. The platform supports ERC 721 and ERC1155. When NFT are minted, metadata is stored on IPFS using to store and retrieve user generated NFTs. The smart contract side leverages token contract standards, ERC1155 and ERC721 to Mint NFTs as we are supporting both ERC1155 and ERC721. This allows us to Mint NFT in both standards and also allows users to donate NFT to charities using our system. In order to Fractionalize NFT we are using ERC1155 standard to mint a set supply of tokens and then ownership of the NFT is transferred to our system. The NFTs will be deployed on the Polygon Network and we did testing using our local Ganache network.