Think of all the side projects you have worked on and maybe put it to the side or never finished because of a technical snag or a frustrating bug. What if you could put out contracts to an ecosystem of other developers to help you finish your project or feature for you. HelpMeDev is a gitcoin for personal projects (i.e. creating contracts so you can pay developers to help you finish your side project, startup, dream app, etc.)

HelpMeDev showcase

How it's made

HelpMeDev is a serverless React application running on Netlify where users need only a Metamask wallet or email address and password. For authentication and authorization of the app, the app leverages Moralis which also runs several serverless cloud functions and hooks into a database for user management and metadata. In terms of blockchain applications, the app leverages a Rinkeby testnet and Ethereum mainnet endpoint from Alchemy, OpenZeppelin for ERC-721 token functionality. The app runs serverlessly thanks to React/NodeJS pairing and further is supported by Alchemy for Rinkeby and Mainnet endpoints, as well as Skale's IMA-SDK bridge for elastic side chain connectivity for smart contract deployment.