We are aiming to build a web3 agnostic video conferencing platform ensuring privacy supporting the creator economy. We allow users to access the platform using Metmask, showcase their NFT portfolio or buy new NFT while waiting for the meeting to start. The users can stream their sessions to a larger audience using live streaming solutions. Supporters can contribute to their cause or send over gifts using NFT and crypto tipping live during the sessions. Creators/Host/Moderators can mint the stream as an NFT post-session on the feedback page and send it over to any address. We are aiming to provide 1st web3-first video conferencing platform and make users be the owner of their engagement, rooms, data, and art.

Huddle01 showcase

How it's made

LivePeer: Used for allowing the host to live-stream their video streams on a large scale using a decentralized video streaming network built on the Ethereum blockchain. Moralis: - Used it for web3 auth to authenticate the user and get their account address - Used as Web3 provider and used speed node URL to interact the smart contracts using web3 object - Used it to fetch the NFTs present in the user's wallet using the getNFTs function of Web3API NFT Port : - We used this to fetch the NFTs present on the ethereum mainnet to showcase them in the waiting room. - We used this to deploy the smart contract for the minting of nfts,then using the ipfs link we uploaded the metadata of nft and minted the live stream as NFT. Chainlink: We used the chainlink vrf to get the random number to randomize the selection of nfts that will be showcased at the waiting room Waku: We used waku protocols to implement chats in our livestreams for the viewers. The chats use waku-relay for sending and receiving messages and waku-store to fetch messages from history of chats before the user joins the stream. Biconomy: We used the mexa-sdk to enable gasless transactions using the eip2771 approach allowing the users to tip the host in crypto in gasless manner