This project is a productivity system that allows users to make contracts with themselves to set goals and achieve them within a certain period. Takes in a couple parameters to initiate the contract (details of your goal, date of the end date of the goal, and the staking amount being locked up for the goal). It also allows users to create a recording of the goal to be able to view the video whenever needed.

Innovatract showcase

How it's made

To build this project, we used a variety of technologies such as web3, solidity, react and the sponsors we are using/used are Livepeer and Status(Waku). We implemented Livepeer successfully to receive the file of the recording and our next steps are to integrate the video with a data storage service to allow users to access it whenever needed. We are currently working on Waku and completed the basic functionality of sending messages and viewing messages. The integration is in the progress of being brought and connected to the frontend.