A DAO to be used by citizens & activists to organize and plan events/actions, make decisions collectively and pay the bills of members who support a given cause. Users can register, submit a proposal and vote from their Discord server. They could do that with Snapshot, but we're providing a simplified version for non-crypto users: - Magic Link is integrated (so they even need to have to setup a MetaMask wallet) - IPFS + Filecoin helps them upload the documents attached to their proposal - and Polygon Network to avoid spending millions when they interact wiith the DAO The Figma prototype can help visualize how the upcoming V1 will look like: Uncharted territories: we allow Discord users to trigger Gnosis Safe actions through the Zodiac Reality Module. In a further version, we'll add Skynet support to ensure a censorship-proof access to the interface.

Kiez DAO showcase

How it's made

Solidity, React, Polygon, IPFS, Filecoin, Gnosis Safe, SafeSnap, Snapshot, Magic Link, ... The Magic Link and IPFS+Filecoin parts are not fully implemented, but everything's there. The smart contracts are currently deployed on Rinkeby, but we plan to be on Polygon asap. The project answers an immediate need and is here to stay.