La Vie is a game & a gamified savings account. Turning the traditional model of in-game micro-transactions on it head. Instead of paying more for exclusive items and character upgrades, in La Vie players are required to stake to get these perks. The intent is to help people save more by staking into time based Certificate of Deposits or Savings Account, which will earn them a passive yield. All accounts and in-game items are trade-able Non/Fungible Tokens, which will help our players add additional value to their wallets. La Vie will also help the creator economy by incentivizing third party creators to create customized in-game items for a royalty fee for every trade.

La Vie showcase

How it's made

The DApp is fully decentralized. We're using Skynet to host our frontend, Polygon on our backend, with integration of several services likes SuperFluid.Finance, Compound, Proton Labs(IPFS), Chainlink, Status and ENS. All player accounts are trade-able ERC-721 compliant NFTs; and all in-game items are ERC-1155 compliant Tokens.