Li.Finance is a mesh of aggregated cross-chain bridges and DEXes to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity available when needed. For starters: „Think of LiFi as a 1inch for cross-chain bridges (Connext, Hop, Horizon, UMA, Biconomy, cBridge, Anyswap, etc..)“ In order to be able to find the best transfer routes for our users we have to be able to compare the different bridges. This comparisons can be made based on different parameters, eg. security, speed, cost. To make this process as transparent as possible it should be based on public data. That's why we have created this project which allows to compare multiple bridges.

Li.Finance - Bridge Analytics showcase

How it's made

Our public API ( aggregates the data of multiple bridges. The data comes from sources like theGraph or from APIs the bridges provide. It is cleaned and parsed in a common format. We then built a UI to be able to explore the data freely ( We submit those two projects to the ETHOnline 2021 Hackathon.