Bulk spam messages is one of the key problems in email and communication apps like Telegram. One of the reasons for spam is that there is no cost to send message. If the sender has to pay some amount to send message, spam can be reduced. The receiver of the message can set a price bar where they read message only if the sender has sent Ether beyond a certain threshold. In general, we are building a protocol for communication and eCommerece with free market principles.

Light Soul showcase

How it's made

This is a decentralized video streaming application using modern WebRTC, GunDB , MediaSoup and IPFS to produce a hybrid MESH-SFU with strong privacy, zero user data retention and powerful off-grid capabilities. Web3js package is used for cryptocurrency transaction. Hosted in skynet and IPFS. Sublime.finace integration for borrowing and lending with identities verified through video call.