Decentralized alternative to centralized live-streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Any user can start a livestream by inputting a Livepeer stream url and some details. Identity and accounts work using MySky, a seed-based login system on Skynet. It is possible to follow streamers and see who is live currently in the sidebar. There's also a live chat powered by another project from the Skynet ecosystem. Other features are Dark Mode, an anonymous total viewer count and stream uptime. Lisky also supports Skynet Homescreen.

Lisky - Decentralized live streaming showcase

How it's made

The web app is built using HTML/CSS and Dart with the Skynet Dart SDK. On the Skynet side, there are also some DACs used, for example the Profile DAC (for profile information like username and picture), the Social DAC (for following other users) and a new Status DAC (who is currently livestreaming). Livepeer is used for processing, transcoding and delivering the raw streams. There's also backend for the 24/7 test music stream written in Dart and powered by OBS and Livepeer.