Mazury is a web3 freelancer marketplace relying on a reputation system. Here are 3 main strengths of it above regular web2 freelancer marketplaces: Reputation score At mazury you build your reputation from being referred by other freelancers. A referral from a world class designer is reflected in your design score. If you're hired on the platform & did a great job, the person that referred you gets a share of the revenue. If you tried to cheat the system, your both scores are getting slashed. Open data Mazury uses ethereum as the data layer for all referrals. This means that you're in a complete ownership of your reputation & each entry can be verified by anyone. Imagine if you could run a simple script to erase all the linkedin bots. At mazury you can. Search, discovery & hiring platform With excellent tools come excellent freelancers. With measurable & verifiable data you can easily hire freelancers from the whole world. Imagine if it was possible to search linkedin or google with a query like "frontend dev>90, design>70, available to hire tomorrow". Yeah, with mazury you can, and you will get the best in class specialists, not bots and profiles optimized for SEO.

Mazury showcase

How it's made

Right now Mazury is 100% a client side app using: next.js/react/vercel for frontend, rinkeby for the backend, ethereum attestation service ( for smart contracts and graph protocol for indexing data. There is a simple integration with ENS resolution and with POAP for displaying collected poaps to better identify users