This project is a very simple front end interface built on the existing StandardBounties protocol. We make it easy to create a bounty with an ETH reward. When it's created, the issuer can share that bounty page with anyone (e.g. in Discord, Twitter, Telegram). Anyone who is interested can add their entries to that page (only visible to the creator of the bounty). The bounty issuer can easily view and choose to accept any submissions.

Meed showcase

How it's made

We are using the existing StandardBounties protocol, which is a very flexible contract for bounties on Ethereum. The DApp uses NextJS, Typescript and Chakra on the frontend, and is based on a branch of Scaffold-ETH. We're using Moralis as the primary interface to the Ethereum blockchain and to IPFS, where all data is stored. Moralis also provided a quick way for us to prototype Meed without maintaining too much infrastructure.