Our goal is to create tangible business value in the Metaverse, achieving maximum value for virtual community assets.(NFT) Our deeds include: -Establish a decentralized open platform for various Metaverse asset holders, to lease the right of operating their asset to MAD. Asset holders are able to claim advertising revenue depending on leasing time span. -Build a decentralized advertising display and auction platform, and provide auction ads for the global community. -Construct a regional traffic index in Metavers as a reference for Ads valuation and parcel(land) trading. -Draw support from all the Metaverse resource service promoters, jointly conduct operational activities, curate, check in, and customize the wearables in the Metaverse. -Allow community to approve proposals and to vote for taking parts in management of DAO

Metaverse Ads DAO showcase

How it's made

This project is basically consist of an automate ads deployment script, an auction smart contract and a subgraph that monitoring relevant "updateOperator" function from decentraland smart contract. Landlords can delegate the operator access to MAD, and claim reward from the auction smart contract; BD guys can bid to post ads on all the billboards deployed on lands that MAD could operate;