MillionDollarTokenPage (MDTP) is the web3 version of the web2 site from 2005. In the original people would buy and set the pixels as a one-shot process. However, now with NFT technology users can actually buy that space, update it as often as they like, and re-sell later if they wish. This allows for a whole new way of interacting with the site that can generate its own economy and we view as something similar to Decentraland or Cryptovoxels but in 2D, ie. a 2D metaverse MDTP is the place to show off and share what's hot in crypto and NFTs, in a space that you yourself own as an NFT! MDTP is set to become the Homepage of the Metaverse. Come own a piece of crypto history!

MillionDollarTokenPage (MDTP) showcase

How it's made

MDTP is a fully decentralised dApp! All data is stored on IPFS with links to it stored on the blockchain. Meanwhile the front-end is hosted on SkyNet. Our back-end exists only to improve caching and usability. To build it we use a React front-end, Python back-end, Ethereum/Solidity contract.