Decentralized Asset Management. Over 20% of users of Mirror are in Thailand. Interact with Terra.js, Mirror.js to build decentralized front ends for Mirror. This is a core priority for TFL to enable censorship resistant asset management across borders. Keywords: Asset Management, Censorship-resistance, Cross-porders, Tefi, Defi, Decentralization, Scalability and Speed (Super important for Real-World Assets)

Mirror Protocol showcase

How it's made

it was a project I used to work on basically I was trying to use skynet to the full extent to build a decentralized, censorship resistant front end at first I thought it would be easy task to do that but I faced some challenges drive me to dig much deeper as u may be familiar with mirror it's a tefi app it's gist is to reflect trading and owning real world assets over blockchain on the technical side I noticed that prices over mirror higher than its counter parts as the price feed comes straight from centralized data sources like coin gecko and pass through a number of third party oracles like band protocol validators right into a smart that acts as a relayer between Terra blockchain (the mother of mirror) and finally to mirror user in this schema mirror user suffers from front running and the existence of a single point of failure/control (graphql server / mantle) so I thought why not deploying a GraphQL server on akash that fetches the price feed from centralized data sources and feeds a decentralized front end for all mirror Dapps in that manner I can cut the band protocol chain link and reducing the price feed delay drastically the only catch was I had to wait for skynet to build a tool allowing servers to feed continuous data to homescreen users and assuring them that the data feed is not tampered even i build a schema describing like solution i tried to use API3 but faced a hurdle that their Airnode built for first party oracles is not compatible with terra samart chain (rust/wasm) and it needs certain implementation it will take a couple of months and now on my way presenting a RFP to mirror community i am also searching the possibility of using fluence network for offloading certain computations off the chain (not sure) and searched to implement terraswap assets into Mask network for trading over web2 (twitter) but cut short on time.