The front-end app resembles a hacker-news/reddit style forum, where anybody can share an interesting link/article. Here's the game - it's going to cost you 6 tokens for each post and 1 token for any upvote. The 6 tokens get distributed equally into daily/weekly/monthly prize pools. Then at the end of each time period, all tokens in the pool get redistributed to the top 10 posts, with the #1 gaining the lion's share. So to do good in the game, you are incentivized to contribute quality content that hopefully lasts for the month!

Moka showcase

How it's made

Moka Tokens are ERC20 tokens. All the posts/upvotes are in smart contracts onchain. The frontend uses react with useDapp for interacting with the blockchain. We're also using graph protocol for querying data. We're also going to deploy the protocol on Polygon, for cheaper tx fees (need posts/upvotes to be cheap!). Graph Protocol was awesome to use, docs were great, and could hack something up in no time. Had some issues with Polygon Mumbai testnet and so we opted to deploy the test version on Ropsten, but other than that, Polygon was very easy to work with. The wallets/faucets etc were all great.