Marketplace for Car Buyers and Seller Blockchain Escrow YouTube Demo: Car Buying Experience using Blockchain Escrow Hello ETH Online 2021, I am Achyut from Sunnlyvale California, Dave from Toronto, Canada , Ashwat from Bangalore I am presenting the Namdae Car Market using Polygon MATIC chain, a secure and scaling solution for Ethereum. As you see Car buyer can use Metamask Chrome Extension Wallet to make the purchase. So after the Buyer pays for the Car, Polygon MATIC fund goes to the Namdae Escrow. Buyer can either arrange the shipping of the Car using or other Transportation Company or if within Town, then the Buyer can Test Drive the Car and get the Title of the Car and Drive the Car home. If Buyer had arranged the shipment of the Car, then Buyer can Test Drive the Car after receiving it. Buyer has 3 Days to Test Drive the Car and if the Description of the Car is as Detailed by the Seller and after Buyer Accepts the Car, buyer gets the Title of the Car. Seller then gets the Polygon MATIC token minus 1.5% Service Fees, the Sale of the Car from the Namdae car Market Escrow. This is the safe and Decentralized way of Car Buying Future. Thank you for using Namdae Car Market.

NAMDAE Car Market [NcM] showcase

How it's made

Blockchain , Ethereum , Smart Contract, Polygon MATIC Solidity Smart Contract is used to do the Escrow handling. After Buyer verifies that the Car listed description is same after the Test Drives, Buyer 'Accepts' the Car. Buyer gets the Title of the Car, then Smart Contract triggers and releases the Polygon MATIC fund - 1.5% service fees to the Sellers Wallet.